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Ready Bed Instructions

The Ready Bed is an inflatable mattress and cover in one. The Ready Bed is marketed as a cross between an air bed and a sleeping bag. The bed rolls up into a small storage size when it is not being used, making it a portable option for sleepovers and family visits. The bed inflates in minutes, and provides a more cushioned sleep area than the floor and more support than a couch. Ready Beds are available from various online retailers.

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  1. Clear the floor of any sharp objects or other items that may puncture the bed. Spread the cover out on the floor, opening it up fully.

  2. Unfold the mattress and insert it into the cover. Remove the cap from the inflation jack located at the foot of the bed. Connect the included foot pump hose to the jack on the bed. Press with your foot to activate the foot pump. Continue stepping up and down on the foot pump to inflate the bed.

  3. Monitor the condition of the bed during inflation. Overinflating the mattress can cause the inflatable pillow to be very hard and the bed to be stiff. This increases the risk of popping or damage to the bed.

  4. Disconnect the pump from the inflation jack. Replace the cap on the jack and screw it tightly into place by hand. Fold down the flap of material that rests above the inflation jack. The flap covers the inflation jack cover for a cleaner appearance.

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