How to Get Dry Paint Out of Carpet

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When painting a home or office, various precautions are often taken. The use of dust sheets and painter's tape ensures the paint goes on the walls where it belongs. Despite all these safety measures, accidents do happen. A nightmare for many do-it-yourself painters is the daunting task of removing paint from carpet. At times even the most expensive and high-tech carpets are subject to ugly and unsightly paint stains. With a few tricks and tips, however, you can have your carpets clean and paint-free in no time.

Scrape the paint spot on your carpet with a knife or razor blade to get as much of the paint off as you can.

Pour a little bit of paint thinner on a clean cloth and begin to blot the stain.

Blot the stain until the paint begins to soften and then being to gently scrub the spot to get the paint out.

Wash the paint spot with a mixture of dish soap and water using another clean cloth.

Rinse the spot with clean water and let dry.

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