How to Care for an Indoor Yucca Plant

yucca garlands gold image by Tom Curtis from

Although spineless yucca (Yucca elephantipes) can grow to 30 feet high with a 15-foot spread, it is the variety generally grown indoors as a houseplant. Yuccas are perennial plants in the agave family. Generally grown as an ornamental in warm-region gardens, yuccas thrive in containers in areas with cooler climates when properly cared for.

Place the yucca plant in an area where it will receive lots of light. Although it does better in bright to full sunlight, it will tolerate lower light levels as long as it is not kept in complete shade.

Water the yucca that is grown in bright light only when the top third of the soil in the pot is dry. If you are growing the yucca plant in low light, allow three-quarters of the soil to dry before watering. When you water, soak the soil and allow the excess water to drain completely from the bottom of the pot.

Fertilise the yucca plant with a 5-10-10 fertiliser, at the rate suggested on the label, once a month, from mid-May until mid-August.

Transplant the yucca plant every two years into a pot of the next larger size. Use potting soil with 4 inches of sand mixed into it. This will provide the drainage required to keep the yucca plant healthy. After transplanting, place the yucca in a shady area for two weeks while it becomes acclimated to the new soil and pot.

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