How to report bad business practices

If you have been a victim of a dishonest company then you can report the company and warn others of their bad business practices. You can take some steps to get your complaints heard and make them public. By reporting the bad business practice, you will not only warn others about the company, but you may also get the company to correct their mistake and satisfy the complaint.

Go to the Better Business Bureau website and fill out a complaint against the company that your are accusing of bad business practices (see References). Write a detailed report of what happened and why you are not satisfied with the company's actions. Be precise and descriptive with the details about the bad business practice and why you are dissatisfied with the company. Categorise the company correctly and make sure you use the correct information so that the complaint can be processed quickly and the company can be contacted immediately.

Go to the Rip-Off Report website, which is a website that works similar to the BBB but is more liberal with its information and makes the details more public. Click on "File a Report" in the upper left-hand corner and follow the instructions to file a complaint.

Go to the attorney general's office in your area or to the attorney general's website for your state and fill out a consumer report in order to file a complaint against the business that did you wrong.

Keep a copy for your records in case the company wants to rectify the situation and you need to refer to the report.

Wait for the company or bad business complaint organisation to contact you about your accusations.

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