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How to Remove a CamelBak Bladder

Updated February 21, 2017

A CamelBak is a water hydration device that allows athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to easily carry water and other fluids with them as an alternative to the traditional water bottle. The CamelBak is a backpack that contains a water reservoir, or bladder. A drinking tube runs from the bladder up over the wearer's shoulder and enables hands-free drinking. In order to clean the CamelBak, you must remove the water bladder from inside it.

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  1. Lay the CamelBak on a flat surface and look for the zippered or hook-and-loop fastener opening near the top of the fabric back pack. The type of closure varies per model. Open the flap and fold it back so that you can see inside the CamelBak.

  2. Reach inside the CamelBak with one hand while holding the upper flap open with your other hand. Grasp the flexible rubber water bladder inside the CamelBak and gently pull it up and out of the opening at the top of the fabric backpack.

  3. Reach back inside the backpack and grasp the drinking tube that extends to the outside of the backpack through a small hole near the top. Pull the drinking tube into the interior of the backpack until it is entirely inside the pack. Pull the tube up and out of the top of the fabric backpack.

  4. Tip

    All CamelBak water reservoirs come with a lifetime warranty. Some basic versions of CamelBaks have nonremovable water bladders. If you see a large black cap on the outside of the fabric backpack, the bladder is not removable.

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