D.I.Y. basketball scoreboard

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Keep an accurate score during a basketball game by making and using a homemade scoreboard. A basic basketball scoreboard can be made from a few common office supplies you may already have. Manually operated scoreboards consist of two rows of numbers that can be flipped or repositioned to represent the current standings in a game. Manual scoreboards are still used by many outdoor basketball teams because they are portable and do not require an electrical socket.

Fold the sheets of paper in half and cut along the crease so they become 8-1/2 inch by 5-1/2 inch rectangles.

Place the papers lengthwise so you are able to fill them with thick long numbers that will be visible from a distance. Make four identical sheets for each digit from zero to nine.

Divide the paper numbers so they are in four sequential stacks with zero on the top and nine on the bottom.

Punch two holes in the top of the stack of numbers, about half an inch down the page, where they line up when they are centred over two of the rings.

Spread apart the rings of both binders so they can be closed through the punched holes on the numbers. Attach each sequential stack of numbers to two rings so they are side by side in the two binders.

Open the 4-ring binder and use a four inch strip of duct tape to connect the covers in the open position. The taped open scoreboard will sit upright on a table or other flat surface to display the numbers prominently.

Write each basketball team name on an index card and tape it to their individual binder just to the right of the numbers.

Flip the numbers to represent the score for each team as the basketball game progresses. Tape an index card with the number one on it and place it in front of the numbers if one team's score rises above 100 points.

Remove the duct tape holding the scoreboard open and close the binder to protect the numbers when they are not in use.

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