How do I remove stains from laminate countertops?

Anna Idestam-Almquist/iStock/Getty Images

Laminate countertops are known for their durability, and can withstand decades of use without showing wear. While they are tough, laminates are still prone to stains, as well as burns and cuts.

If your laminate countertop has noticeable stains, such as rings from coffee cups, ink from packaging and other unsightly markings, it's not too difficult to remove the stains without damaging the surface. Avoid abrasives while you clean the laminate, and recognise that different types of stains may require different solutions.

Spray the stained area with orange-based citrus cleaner until the entire stain has been soaked.

Cover the wet stain with a paper towel, adding more spray if necessary to saturate the paper towel.

Place a sheet of cling film over the paper towel. This will prevent the cleaner from evaporating while it absorbs the stain.

Observe the stain after one hour to see if it has been lifted. If the stain is still noticeable, repeat the process until it is gone.

Rinse the countertop thoroughly once the stain removal process is complete.