How to Hang a Whiteboard

whiteboard with empty yellow post-it note image by hans slegers from <a href=''></a>

The whiteboard is a fairly common office supply for small businesses, home offices, and even classrooms because of its versatility. Whiteboards can be used to hang and write memos, take notes, even as colanders or to-do-lists. Hanging a whiteboard is simple because most white boards have mounting brackets already installed on their back side. Even if you aren’t the most handy person in your office, you’ll be able to hang a whiteboard in no more than a few minutes.

Measure the distance between the hole in one mounting bracket and the hole in the second mounting bracket on the back of the whiteboard. Use a measuring tape to take your measurement.

Draw a dot on the wall where you want to hang the whiteboard. Use a pencil to make the drawing.

Draw a second dot on the wall where you want to hang the whiteboard. This dot should be as far from the first dot as the mounting brackets are from each other based on your measurements.

Drill a 2-inch dry wall screw into each of the dots on the wall. Make sure to leave out at least one quarter of an inch worth of the drywall screws to hang the whiteboard on.

Place the whiteboard on the wall and make sure that the drywall screws go into the holes in the mounting brackets.

Release the board and it will hang on the wall.

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