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How to Obtain a South Korean Birth Certificate

A birth certificate in South Korea is called a family census register or family relation register. This birth certificate usually includes the child's full name, gender, place and time of birth, and parent's names. The family relation register is filed at the city division or ward where a family lives. With a little preparation, you can obtain a copy of the certificate.

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  1. Determine the city division or ward in South Korea where the family is registered. The city of Seoul is divided into 25 wards or administrative divisions. The ward is determined by the area of Seoul in which the family resides.

  2. Obtain the mailing address for the specific ward by contacting the Korean Embassy or your local Korean Consulate. You can find the contact information for your local Korean Consulate by visiting and clicking on the link for consulate service.

  3. Write a request to the ward for a copy of the family relation register. As of 2010, processing fees for the family relation register are £1.90 USD. Your request must be in Chinese or Korean and include the name of the family's head of household and permanent Korean address. If you do not speak Chinese or Korean, seek the help of a professional translation service, such as the KIN Translation Group, which specialises in Korean translation. Language school professors might also be willing to assist you.

  4. Tip

    The family relation register has personal information displayed on five different certificates. Be sure to acquire the certificates with the information you need.

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