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How to print CD sleeves

Updated April 17, 2017

Buying CD cases for the CDs you make can be costly. They also come in multi-packs which can leave you stuck with extra cases that just take up space. CDs need to be protected from dust and scratches, but a simple CD sleeve serves the purpose. An answer is to make your own paper CD sleeves. An added benefit is that you can customise your CD sleeves in many ways to suit a variety of styles and interests.

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  1. Start the graphics program on your computer and open it to a blank page.

  2. Draw four lines around the page to mark the area you will be using for your design. The side lines should be 1 ¾ inch from each side. The top line should be 1 5/8 inch from the top edge of the page and the bottom line should be 4 ¾ inch from the bottom edge of the page. These will be your fold lines.

  3. Add images and text to your page as desired. Make sure that designs and text that you add stay within the square created by your lines.

  4. Save your design if desired and then click “Print” from your menu bar. Adjust your printer settings if necessary and click “OK.”

  5. Fold the printed paper on the fold lines. Fold and crease the side lines first. Apply a layer of glue along the edges of the bottom section and then fold and crease the bottom. Press down along the sides to allow the glue to join the sides and bottom sections. The bottom section, which is the back of the CD sleeve, will be a little shorter than the top, which is the front of the CD sleeve.

  6. Insert a CD into the sleeve when the glue has dried. Fold and crease the top piece down over the back so it overlaps and creates a flap.

  7. Tip

    When drawing your fold lines, choose a shade of light grey that is barely visible; they won’t be very visible when printed and folded. Write the song list on the back of the CD sleeve if desired.

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Things You'll Need

  • Graphics program
  • Glue stick

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