How to Determine Dresden Porcelain

Dresden image by momesso from

"Dresden porcelain" is not a manufacturer of china and porcelain products. Instead, "Dresden" is a common term and mark used to identify a number of glassware items made in the Dresden region of Germany by many different artists in the 19th century. Today, Dresden porcelain is popular among collectors, and pieces can bring extraordinary prices at auction. Although many imitators exist, there are a few tell-tale signs that you can use to ensure your Dresden is indeed authentic.

Look for any delicate lace laid around the outside of the porcelain. Actual lace was dipped in liquid porcelain and is a unique feature of Dresden porcelain.

Observe the quality of the facial features and designs. Dresden porcelain figurines were hand-painted with painstaking regard to detail. Many mistakes or poorly-crafted artwork could be signs of a reproduction.

Examine the piece for Dresden marks. These are often painted on the bottom of the piece.

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