How to remove Gorilla Glue from plastic

empire331/iStock/Getty Images

When craftsmen and artists need to get serious about bonding surfaces together, they turn to the professional adhesives designed to hold forever. One such adhesive product is Gorilla Glue. The Gorilla company produces super glue, tape, epoxy and wood glue that sticks almost as soon as it is applied. This sticking power may be ideal for projects, but can be a nightmare if you adhere the wrong surfaces. Apply acetone as a solvent to dissolve the glue from plastic that has been accidentally bonded.

Fill a container large enough to encompass the plastic with acetone (nail polish remover). If the plastic piece is too large to fit into any container, dampen a paper towel or cloth with acetone.

Soak the plastic in the acetone. If you cannot soak the plastic, apply acetone with your damp towel or cloth to the glue so that it is soaked with acetone. Allow five minutes for the acetone to dissolve the glue.

Remove the plastic from the acetone and wiggle the bond to loosen the pieces. Use the flat edge of a spoon or knife, or a plastic scraper, to scrape loosened glue from the plastic surface.

Repeat acetone application and scraping until the glue is completely removed. Rinse the plastic in cool, clean water to remove residual acetone.

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