How to Build Your Own Shot Glass Rack

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Shot glasses are popular souvenirs from various occasions and vacations. Much of the fun is in displaying your glasses, but buying a rack specifically for shot glasses can be expensive. Many people choose to use general craft display cases, however, creating a personalised rack that fits the size of your collection is relatively easy and inexpensive. Be sure to measure both your tallest and fattest glasses to get the right depth and height for your shelves. You can also add a few extra shelves so that your display can grow with your collection!

Measure and cut the wood to your specifications. A 4-foot by 4-foot rack will hold about 200 glasses. Use 1-inch by 3-inch lumber to construct your frame. Cut four pieces of equal size. You can of course make your rack tall or wide, but be sure that the opposite sides are of equal length. Attach the four pieces of lumber with wood glue and tack in place with short nails.

Cut four to eight shelves from your plywood. Measure the distance from the inside edges of the vertical sides of your frame. Allow 3 to 4 1/2 inches for height. Saw your wood to fit and tack in with nails and wood glue. Use a measuring tape and a level, if necessary, to determine spacing; uneven ends could result in crooked shelves and sliding glasses.

Sand the edges of your rack. Using sandpaper, smooth the front and tops of your shelves so that they can be easily painted, primed or polished.

Flip your frame to the back, and mark for individual separators or dados. Allow about 2 inches per glass if you plan to give each glass its own frame. Cut 1/4-inch grooves with a handsaw where your dividers will line up.

Cut plywood into strips to the height and depth of your shelves. Slide into your pre-cut grooves.

Tack remaining plywood or heavy craft paper onto the back every 6 to 8 inches to create your back. Then mount with heavy nails secured into wall studs.

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