How to Use Bathtub Jacuzzi Jets

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Hydrotherapy is muscle and joint therapy using a forceful water and air mixture. A whirlpool bathtub with jacuzzi jets enables a user to direct the flow of water on joints and muscles that need therapy, in the comfort of his bathroom. The flow and intensity of the water are fully controllable to provide various levels of pain relief for any individual. Hydrotherapy increases blood flow to affected areas that are otherwise stiff to produce joints and muscles that move in a fluid motion .

Rinse the bathtub out after initial installation so there is no construction debris or other materials in the tub.

Close the bathtub drain so that the water does not drain out as it enters the bathtub.

Fill the bathtub with a mixture of hot and cold water to the desired temperature.

Turn the jacuzzi timer for the pump clockwise to turn it on. The water will circulate along with air through the jacuzzi jets.

Enter the tub and sit in the water.

Direct the flow of the hydrotherapy jets on muscles that are sore or aching. Place a finger inside the opening of a jacuzzi jet and move the jet spray left, right, up or down to direct the flow of water.

Grasp a jacuzzi jet between your thumb and forefinger to control the flow and pressure of the water. Turn a jacuzzi jet clockwise to reduce the water intensity and counterclockwise to increase the flow.

Turn the air control knob or knobs clockwise to decrease the water flow from the jets. Turn the air control knob or knobs counterclockwise to increase the water flow out of the jacuzzi jets.

Add additional time for therapy by turning the timer on the pump clockwise.

Manually turn the jacuzzi timer on the pump off by turning it counterclockwise or wait for the timer to end a whirlpool session. Some jacuzzi bathtubs have preset times for cycles while others require turning them and off and on manually.

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