How to Sanitize Plastic Recorder Instruments Yourself

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Although your plastic recorder may look and seem like a toy, it is really a musical instrument that you can use to create catchy and melodic music. With basic instruction about how to hold the instrument, how to blow into it and where your fingers go on the holes to create certain notes, you will soon be able to make recognisable notes and then simple songs. Sanitise plastic recorder instruments once per week to ensure they stay clean and in proper working order.

Moisten a chenille stem with water and insert the stem into the top of the mouthpiece to remove surface dirt and soiling from this area. Work the chenille stem back and forth inside the opening of the mouthpiece to clean it.

Separate the top portion of the recorder from the bottom portion. By pulling on the top of the recorder near the mouthpiece and on the bottom of the recorder in opposite directions, the recorder should come apart into two pieces.

Place these two pieces into the top rack of the dishwasher and run the dishwasher through a standard wash cycle. Or, instead of washing the recorder in the dishwasher, hand wash it in the sink with dishwashing detergent and a dishcloth. Rinse the recorder thoroughly with warm water after washing it.

Allow the two recorder pieces to drip dry by placing them on end over a towel until all excess moisture drips out.

Put the recorder back together again to enable play.

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