How to Make a Rug Hooking Frame


Hooked rugs are fun projects to do. However, a large hooked rug project can be a little difficult to manoeuvre while working on the project. Making a rug hooking frame is very simple, and will hold the rug tight so the working surface is worked on easily. This rug hooking frame is made out of plastic PVC pipe and is very lightweight.

Measure and cut the PVC pipe into 4 three-foot lengths with the hacksaw, or have the lumberyard cut it for you. Dry fit first for proper fitting.


Place an elbow on each end of two lengths of pipe. Attach the other two lengths of pipe to the elbows, making a square.

Pipe Glue

Glue all the pieces together with the pipe glue, and allow to dry completely.

Snap Clamps

Stretch the rug tightly across the the frame and attach to each side the snap clamps.

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