How to add a USB port to a portable DVD player

a dvd-r disc image by wayne ruston from

It is possible to connect a number of different devices to a USB port on your desktop or laptop computer. This includes a small DVD drive. If your portable laptop computer does not have a drive capable of playing DVDs, connecting the small DVD drive to the USB port instantly gives you not only a portable computer, but a portable DVD player. External DVD drives are available at most electronics and computer stores.

Connect the external DVD drive to a local power source then press the "Power" button to turn the drive on.

Insert the USB cable into the USB port on the back of the external DVD player then insert the free end into the USB port on your laptop computer.

Insert the driver installation CD into the disc drive built into the computer (not the external DVD player). After a moment, the installation wizard will appear on the screen. Click on "Next" then leave the installation name and location as is. Choose "Install" once the install option appears on the screen.

Eject the driver installation CD from the disc drive on the laptop and insert the software installation CD. Accept the license agreement, click on "Next" for the installation name and location, then choose "Install" to install the software onto the computer. Once complete, the external DVD drive is ready to play movies on your computer.

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