How to Use a Bosch Oven

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Bosch ovens are sophisticated cooking devices that rely on a correct time-of-day setting. Once the time of day is set, the ovens can be programmed to cook using an upper or lower oven. Programming can include cooking modes and temperature. Fast preheat, probe and Sabbath modes are included. Heating Time Limitation turns the oven off after a period without activity, and can help with "senior moments." There's also a recipe function that allows you to enter the type of food and weight for automatic cooking.

Set the clock. Turn the oven off if it's on, and press "Info" for two seconds. (If you don't turn the oven off, the programming will fail.) The Setup menu will appear. Use the plus and minus buttons to set a 12- or 24-hour clock. Press "V" and use the plus or minus buttons to set the time. Add the AM or PM.

Set the date. Use the arrow keys to select the date menu item and then use the same procedure as in the previous step to adjust the date. Press "Info" to confirm and exit the menu.

Turn on the oven. The last oven mode selected will appear on the display. Set the appropriate capacity for double ovens. Press the button that corresponds to the lower or upper oven.

Set the cooking mode and temperature. Select the temperature using the arrow keys, and then press "Start."

Follow the same concepts by selecting and using the arrow keys to toggle between menu items to choose modes like Fast Preheat, Heating Time Limitation and other functions. Cook Time operates by cooking for a set period, and can also be set using this menu.

Press the Recipe button and use the plus and minus buttons to select the category--for example, "Chicken." Press the "V" button and then use the plus and minus buttons to select the cut--for example, "Legs." Set the weight using the "V" button, followed by the plus and minus buttons, and then press "Start." The oven will automatically cook the chicken legs for the required time and at the appropriate temperature.

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