How to Send a Cake by Post

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Giving a gift to someone special is always better when it is homemade. One homemade gift enjoyed by many is cake--and it is perhaps even more appreciated by someone far away. Don't let distance prevent you from sharing your baking skills.

Sending a cake is easy; it can be shipped safely if it doesn't need refrigeration and is packaged in a sturdy box.

Bake and cool a cake. Use a cake recipe that is firm-textured, like a pound cake or a fruitcake. Other cakes that do well are tube cakes and angel food cakes, or plain cakes baked in square, round or loaf pans.

Wrap up the cake carefully in cling film, wrapping it several times over. This will keep out air and help prevent odours from getting into or out of the package.

Lay a large sheet of bubble wrap on a flat surface. Place the cake wrapped in plastic in the centre and bring up the bubble wrap to cover the cake. If the sheet of bubble wrap does not cover the top, place another sheet of bubble wrap to cover the top and sides. Tape the bubble wrap in place so it does not shift during moving or shipping.

Choose a sturdy corrugated box big enough to hold the wrapped cake and several inches of packing void around all sides. This will keep the cake from touching the sides of the box and give a cushion for the cake on the bottom, top and sides during movement. It will also keep the cake steady if it is ever turned on its side or upside down during shipping.

Place a layer of packing void such as packing peanuts or crumbled up newspaper on the bottom of the box. Place the cake in the centre. Add more packing peanuts or crumbled newspaper to the sides of the box, filling in the space and keeping the cake in place. Top with another layer of packing peanuts or crumbled newspaper for the top. Ensure all spaces and big gaps have been filled in so the cake stays in one place during shipping.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape. Label the box with both a shipping address and a return address. Mark the box with a permanent marker or use labels with the word "fragile". This will let the carrier know to handle the package with care.

Take the boxed cake to a postal company and ship the cake the fastest way possible to its destination.