How to Clean Dog Urine Stains on Wood Floors

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Dog urine causes stains and odours due to the ammonia in the urine. The ammonia can cause wood flooring to become bleached or discoloured and the odour can linger if you don't completely remove the urine. Prompt removal of dog urine on your hardwood floor is always the best way to prevent severe stains and odours, but you can successfully remove even older dog urine stains on your hardwood floor. Supplies from home and the store are all you need to tackle dog urine stains and return your hardwood flooring to its pre-stained condition.

Lay paper towels over the fresh urine stain on your hardwood floors. Change to fresh paper towels as the previous towels soak up the urine.

Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the dog urine stain on your hardwood floor. Allow the baking soda to sit on your floor overnight so it can absorb the urine and odour.

Remove the baking soda from your hardwood floor with a vacuum.

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Wash the site of the dog urine stain on your hardwood floor with a wood floor cleaner. Mix it in a bucket, according to directions, and wipe the floor with a clean cloth that's wet with the wood cleaning solution.

Saturate the site of the old dog urine stain on your hardwood floor with straight hydrogen peroxide.

Soak a clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide, then lay the cloth over the old dog urine stain, on top of the hydrogen peroxide. Cover the cloth and peroxide with a piece of plastic wrap to create a poultice. Allow the poultice to sit on the old dog urine stain overnight.

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Lift the poultice materials from the site of the old dog urine stain on your hardwood floor. Dampen a clean cloth with a solution of 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar. Wipe the floor thoroughly, then dry it with a clean towel.

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Sand the wood floor area that was stained with dog urine, if needed. Sand with the grain of the wood to remove any remaining discolouration created by the urine stain.

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Apply a wood floor stain touch-up to your wood floor. Before this step, bring samples of the stain colours home to find the closest match to your wood floor stain. Brush the wood stain touch-up on your wood floor with a paintbrush, staying with the grain of the wood.

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