How to get rid of kitchen bugs

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It's never good to have creepy crawly little bugs in the house, but it's especially bad to have an infestation in the kitchen. Bugs are usually attracted to food and food particles that people can't even see, so the kitchen is a natural place for bugs to congregate and start causing problems.

Though kitchen bugs can be stubborn and difficult to deal with at first, it is possible to destroy them and prevent another infestation down the road.

Clean your kitchen with bleach water from top to bottom. Pull out all food and other items in cabinets and in the fridge. Scrub all surfaces, including walls and the underside of shelves. Get water in all cracks and crevices that normally would be missed. Sweep the floor and mop with bleach water.

Fix leaky pipes and faucets. Cockroaches like to live in moist places like under the sink, so taking away the source of moisture will make your kitchen less hospitable to them.

Eliminate clutter in your kitchen by organising your drawers and cabinets, throwing away unused objects, and keeping the counters clear. Bugs like clutter because it makes it so much easier to hide out.

Lay down bait traps aimed at the specific bugs in your kitchen. The traps should be laid where the bugs are likely to crawl over them, so place traps along the walls, in corners and cabinets, and under kitchen appliances. Look for "roach specs" on the wall and floor to see where bugs spend a lot of time.

Spray an insecticide around the outside of your house by the kitchen. Spray around all windows, doors, vents and cracks in the house. Cover the whole wall up to 3 feet off the ground and spray out about 6 feet to create an insect barrier.

Keep dustbins closed and sealed.

Remove pet food from the floor once the pet has eaten, and keep the food in a sealed container.

Put boric acid into cracks and crevices in the kitchen. Dust it around window frames and doors as well to stop bugs from getting in.

Hang sticky fly paper from the ceiling in the corners of the kitchen to catch flies and other flying insects, and make sure there are screens on all your windows and doors.