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How to Disable WPA on the Sky Wireless Broadband in the UK

Updated July 20, 2017

WPA, or Wi-Fi Protected Access, is a security protocol for wireless networks. WPA is used to protect a network from unwanted computer access. Most home broadband routers have WPA set as a standard network authentication protocol. Sky Broadband uses Netgear DG934G and Netgear DG834GT routers as their standard issue routers. Some computer wireless network cards are not WPA-enabled and so it will be necessary to disable WPA or change the authentication type.

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  1. Open your preferred internet browser.

  2. Type "" into the address bar and press "Return" or "Enter."

  3. Type username as "admin" and password as "sky." These are the default login details and will be the same for all routers, unless you have changed them. Click "OK."

  4. Click "SETUP" to go to the set-up page.

  5. Click "Disable" under Security Options to turn off WPA security.

  6. Click "Apply." Close your internet browser.

  7. Tip

    If you cannot connect to your sky router through a wireless connection, connect your computer with a Ethernet cable directly to the router. Then follow the steps as instructed.

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