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How to Donate Books in the United Kingdom

Updated July 20, 2017

Many libraries accept book donations in the United Kingdom, but it's important to check whether the branch nearest you does. British citizens also donate second-hand books to charity shops throughout the U.K., which are either sold to raise funds for important causes or donated to people in need. Residents of the United Kingdom can also contribute books to international organisations that help the less fortunate set up libraries in Third World nations, but there are restrictions regarding the types of books that will be considered.

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Visit your local library's website to learn how they handle book donations.

Help young children choose books to donate to their primary school library, especially if teachers have sent home flyers encouraging this.

Inquire as to whether a university library accepts book donations, as some institutions are open to this arrangement on a book by book basis.

Consider donating your unwanted books to second-hand stores that raise funds for cancer research and awareness.

Register on the Cancer Research U.K. website (see Resources). Organise your friends and family to start a drive to donate books.

Donate books to other charity shops in the U.K. such as Salvation Army, which conducts gift drives to help the less fortunate during the Christmas season.

Visit local festivals like Hay festival, which is one many events that conduct book donation drives for people throughout the African continent.

Donate books to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, which uses these volumes to help under resourced students in Namibian schools.

Mail book donations for the Cheetah Conservation Fund to this address:

Cheetah Conservation Fund PO Box 1755 Otjiwarongo, Namibia


Read a website's guidelines for donating books, as some organisations only want newer volumes written by regional authors, and which are about subjects that resonant with the recipients.


Never donate books that have been heavily soiled or damaged. Donate books that are in good condition, and which are not outdated factually or culturally.

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Things You'll Need

  • Second-hand books
  • New books purchased specifically for donation

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