How to cut PVC sheets

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Cutting PVC sheets is a common task performed by carpenters and plumbers. PVC, which stands for "polyvinyl chloride" comes in many shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. It's used to make piping, roofing, electric wire insulation, and even clothing. Many people will use an ordinary hand saw to cut PVC, which is fine if the PVC is very thin, but the best way to cut PVC sheets is with a circular saw.

Measure the dimensions for the PVC sheets with a tape measure. Use a black marker to mark your measurements on the sheet.

Draw a line with a black marker where you will be making your cut. Use your tape measure or yard stick to keep your line straight.

Set up your sawhorses and lay the sheet of PVC across them.

Slowly cut the PVC with a circular saw and carbide tip blade along the line you drew.

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