How to program an ignition key for a ford fiesta

Microchiped Car Key image by Christopher Meder from

A popular feature on a variety of vehicle types around the world, the ignition key is a safety and convenience device that serves much like a normal ignition key. Also known as a chip key or transponder key, the ignition key is programmed to your engine; only a programmed key can turn on your car.

You can program your ignition key for your Ford Fiesta in just minutes from your vehicle with no previous experience, as long as you still have the two dealership-programmed keys that came with the system.

Insert your dealership-programmed ignition key into the ignition and cycle to the "On" position and back to "Off."

Repeat Step 1 with a second working key and remove it from the ignition.

Insert the new key that you are programming into the ignition and turn it to the "On" position. Leave it on for one second and turn it off.

Wait for the vehicle's security light to turn on for three seconds and the key will be successfully programmed.

Leave the key in the ignition for 10 minutes to complete the programming.