How to Sell British Commemorative Coins

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Governments strike commemorative coins to celebrate important events and people. Commemorative coins are also a great source of revenue for governments. The designs typically honour the event or person being celebrated and they are struck for a limited time and for a collector market.

Identify your coins. Use a guidebook to world coins from a local bookstore or library to identify your coins. Commemorative coins are generally listed in the back of the country's section and are listed by denomination and year. Match the coin up to the picture.

See if your coin is Mint State or Proof. Commemorative coins often have ornate packaging that provides full information and will state the coin's finish. Proof coins are characterised by their highly reflective surfaces, with mirrored fields and frosted devices (raised imagery).

Identify dealers in English coins. Commemorative coins are made for collectors, and dealers will generally buy them at a percentage of the value in the guidebook, often as low as 40 per cent. Find dealers in the phone book or through internet directories and call them, letting them know what you have and that you are interested in selling. Most dealers will be able to quote you a price over the phone.

Ship or deliver your coins. Once you've worked out a price, you can either hand over the coins to the dealer or ship them, taking care to insure them for the full value and to pack carefully to not damage the coin. Often the values are contingent on having original Mint packaging, so make sure to include everything that you have on the coin.

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