How to Convert YouTube to MP4 Online

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YouTube is a popular, free website that hosts hundreds of videos that you can stream on your computer for free. If you want to save the videos to your computer, however, you need to convert them into a file type that your computer can read, such as an MP4. There are several free online programs that allow you to convert YouTube videos into different formats, including MP4.

Choose a website that lets you convert YouTube videos to MP4. Free options include VideoToMp4, FLVto and YouTubeRipper.

Open a second tab on your browser and go to the main YouTube website. Find the video that you want to convert. Highlight the URL at the top of the browser and hit "Ctrl" and "C" to copy it.

Go back to the tab where you have the conversion site opened. Press "Ctrl" and "V" to paste the YouTube URL into the box as prompted.

Click on "Convert to MP4" or the appropriate conversion button. It might take up to a minute for the video to convert, depending on the size of the video and your internet speed.

Save the file to your computer by right-clicking on the file name and selecting "Save As."

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