How to Create a Rotating Logo

Creating a rotating logo is the same as making an animated logo, except the animation is limited to rotation. Rotating logos can be made using tools already in your computer, such as Paint, and internet tools that are free to use, such as Gickr, Picasion and Make a Gif.

Create the logo using Paint. If you already have a logo you want to use saved on your computer, open the file by opening Paint and selecting File/Open. If you’ve created the logo just now, save and name the logo something like "logo1."

Rotate your logo by using the “Select” tool, then clicking "Image/Flip/Rotate" and selecting “Rotate.” Select the "90 degree" option and click “OK.” Save the image by selecting "File/Save," and name it something like “logo 2.” Repeat this step until you’ve rotated your logo back to its original position. Save the image under a different name each time you rotate. You will rotate the image four times, and end up with five images of the logo, including the original. The image list will look something like this:

logo 1: original logo 2: rotated 90 degrees (one rotation equals 90 degrees) logo 3: upside down (two rotations equal 180 degrees) logo 4: rotated 90 degrees (three rotations equal 270 degrees) logo 5: back to original position (four rotations equal 360 degrees)

Go to one of the websites that allow you to create what is called an “animated gif” to animate your logo’s rotation. Examples of these sites are Glickr, Picasion, and Make a Gif .

Upload each image onto the animation tool in order by clicking the “Choose File” button, browsing through your computer files until you find the images and clicking “Open.” Select from the different animation options, speeds and sizes, then click “Create Animation,” “Continue” or “Create Gif,” depending on the tool you are using. Copy the URL at the bottom of the screen to share your rotating logo animation.

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