How to make climbing nets for kids

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Someone who is experienced at crochet and has mastered the basic single and triple crochet stitches can quickly stitch up a climbing net for children. A strong twine is essential for this net, which should be securely attached to a sturdy wall or tree and placed over a soft mattress for maximum safety.

This climbing net would be a great addition to a garden play area or a children's playroom and will teach small children dexterity while providing exercise.

Crochet a chain that is 1.5 metres (60 inches) long.

Single crochet two rows, adding one chain at the beginning of each row.

Chain four. Triple crochet in the second stitch. Chain one, skip the next two stitches and triple crochet in the next stitch. Repeat across the entire row.

Repeat rows of triple crochet until the net is 114 cm (45 inches) long. End off.

Sew the wire rings on the corners of the net and at the centre edge of the lower and upper edges with the carpet thread and tapestry needle.