How to Kill Moss on Tarmac

moss image by daki from

Though moss is often used for decorative purposes and is a plant often placed in gardens for ground cover, it can be a problem when it starts to grow in unwanted areas. When moss starts to grow on tarmac, it becomes slippery and potentially dangerous, making it a problem that should be handled quickly.

Follow some steps to kill moss on tarmac.

Remove any moss that can be pulled out. For areas with heavy growth, the moss can be pulled out and mostly removed, which makes it easier to kill the roots.

Put on protective gear. To avoid breathing in the chemicals or getting chemicals in eyes, the gear should be put on prior to using any moss killer.

Add moss killer to a spray bottle, using only a small amount in the spray bottle at one time.

Dilute the moss killer with water. Many moss-killing agents are too strong to place directly on any surface, so it should be diluted with water. The amount of water needed will depend on the type of moss killer being used.

Spray the tarmac with the moss-killer solution. Start in the back or corners and spray the entire area liberally with the moss killer.

Allow the moss killer to sit for a few days. The number of days will depend on the type of moss killer sprayed onto the tarmac. In most cases, the moss should begin to die within 24 hours, though it can take a few days for all of the moss to die.

Spray moss killer every few weeks to avoid moss growth. Preventing further growth requires only spraying the moss killer every few weeks.