Signs of Over Watering in Dogwood Trees

Flowering dogwood image by Christopher Martin from

The roots of dogwood trees do not reach very deep into the ground, making it difficult for the tree to survive in the absence of regular rainfall. Keeping your dogwood watered is important to maintaining the health and general appearance of the tree, but too much water may do as much damage as too little.

Search for signs of over watering in dogwood trees to monitor the health of your trees.


Light green leaves are a sign of over watering in dogwood trees, so search for discolouration on the foliage of the plant when monitoring water levels. If the tree is gaining too much water from natural rainfall, it may be necessary to implement some sort of irrigation system to transfer moisture away from the soil.

Drooping and Dropping

Drooping, limp leaves may indicate that a dogwood tree is receiving too much water, though it may also be a sign that the tree isn't getting enough water. When too much water is given to the tree, the leaves may also brown, taking on a wilted appearance, before dropping from the tree. Too much water in the soil will choke the roots of the tree, making it impossible for the dogwood to receive proper ventilation.


Physically test the soil near dogwood trees to see if the moisture content is too high. Dig a small hole 1 to 2 inches into the soil just next to the tree. Squeeze the soil you dug up in your hand. If water drips out, it's a sign that too much water is being given to the plant.


The most accurate way to check for signs of over watering is to check the soil moisture. Perform this action with a soil moisture probe designed for the task, a screw driver or another type of straight metal rod. Simply insert the implement into the soil, approximately 2 to 3 inches from the base of the dogwood tree. The probe will sink easily into moist soil and stop when it reaches dry soil. The soil should stay moist 18 to 20 inches deep for dogwood trees; if it is moist past this point the dogwood tree may be getting too much water.