How to Make Pants Glow in the Dark

Glow in the dark materials are a lively addition to a wardrobe. From holidays to birthdays, many occasions are illuminated by this scientific wonder. The science lies behind a compound called phosphor. When exposed to light, phosphor's electrons excite and jump to a higher state of energy.

When the light source is turned off, the extra energy maintains and randomly radiates light, gradually dimming after a couple hours. Apply this glow in the dark technology to clothing and brighten up your trousers for a special event.

Make sure the trousers are clean and dry to start. Apply a thin layer of acrylic gloss clothing paint with a paintbrush around the entire surface of the trousers. This will seal the clothing's porous texture and create a smooth foundation for the glow paint. Allow this coating to dry completely.

Use a glow-in-the-dark paint that is a solvent-based acrylic (this can be bought online from Glow-Inc) to insure adhesion and flexibility. Regular paint will not flex with the garment and should not be used. Apply the solvent-based acrylic to the trousers with a paintbrush. Allow the trousers to dry completely.

Spray the garment with an airbrush paint sealer. Typically, glow paint will only withstand a few wash cycles. This extra step will add a protective coating over the paint and increase wear-life.