How to Clean White Leather Gloves

White leather gloves can quickly become dirty. Whether it is dirt, food or some other spot, dirty white gloves are unsightly. Care must be taken when cleaning white leather gloves not to compromise the fabric. Most leather gloves should not be put in a washing machine. Wash leather gloves by hand to keep them from losing shape and destroying the fabric.

Put the gloves on your hands. Work on one glove at a time so you have one free hand to help clean.

Dampen a lint-free rag with plain water. Wring out the rag well.

Add two or three drops of soap to the rag. For finished leather gloves, add moisturising dish or hand soap. For unfinished leather gloves, use saddle soap.

Wipe down the gloves with the damp rag and soap to remove dirt and stains. Go over the gloves with a rag dampened with plain water to remove any soap and dirt residue.

Buff the gloves with a dry, lint-free rag. Apply a leather conditioner to restore moisture to the leather gloves. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying leather conditioner.

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