How to Make Your Own Die Cut Shapes

teddy cookie cutter image by Alison Bowden from

If you are someone who loves to scrapbook or make homemade cards, die cuts are important to have handy for producing the same image multiple times to use for various projects and ideas. You can easily make your own die cuts by using cookie cutters as a pattern.

By using cookie cutters for die cuts you save money and recycle paper at the same time, by controlling how much paper is used when tracing the cookie cutters onto paper.

Choose patterned paper or cardstock to place your die cut pattern on. Using a paper cutter, cut the paper you have chosen into squares that are slightly bigger than the cookie cutter you have chosen.

Place the cookie cutter you have chosen onto the cut pieces of paper or cardstock and trace around the cookie cutter using a pencil. Keep tracing onto the pieces of paper until you have reached the amount of die cuts you need.

Cut out the shapes using scissors or a craft knife. Scissors work best for simple designs, while a craft knife works best on more intricate designs, making it easier for you to cut out all of the small fine details.