How to attach polycarbonate panels

corrugated panels image by Christopher Dodge from

Greenhouses are an amazing way to cultivate your own patch of the earth and connect to nature. However, certain elements must be in place before a greenhouse can produce something wonderful. This includes the sound structure of the buildings. Attaching polycarbonate panels is a great way to ensure the longevity of your house due to their durability and high resistance to damage. The installation can be done without professional equipment and in a small amount of time.

Install the first panel, starting at one corner of the greenhouse. The channels or ridges should run vertically. Bury the panel in the ground four inches deep. Bang the panel into the ground with a mallet. This will keep rodents out of the panelling and add strength to the structure.

Drill holes in the four corners of the panel with a drill fitted with a carbide-tipped bit while wearing eye protection. Secure the panel in place with a screwdriver and screws in each corner. Place a washer on the screw before inserting it into the hole. Drill another four holes six inches away from the vertical edges at each corner. The holes should be two feet away from the horizontal edges.

Continue to attach each panel at ground level the same way, burying them before attaching them to the structure. Apply some one-inch anti-dust tape in between the panel and the structure. Attach the remaining panels until you reach the peak in the roof or midway between the two sides of the greenhouse. Seal all the exposed seams with one-inch foil tape. Cover each side of the greenhouse in the same way until the entire house is covered.

Make a ridge cap out aluminium. Cut a piece of aluminium to the length of the roof, from one end of the peak to the other with a circular saw. The aluminium should be wide enough to extend down the roof by several inches, about a half-foot.

Place the aluminium on the ridge of the roof. Bend down the aluminium on both sides of the roof. Insert foam weather seal under the ridge cap and secure it with screws.

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