How to Make a USB IDE Cable Converter

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IDE, or integrated development environment, refers to a type of connection that hard drives use to connect to a computer internally. However, no connection exists on the outside of the computer. This does not allow a user to connect an internal hard drive to a laptop or desktop computer without specific hardware attached directly to a computer's empty USB (Universal Serial Bus) slot.

Put the end of your IDE cable in the IDE slot that says "Out." Insert the other end of your IDE cable in your IDE portion of the IDE to USB connector.

Put your USB portion of the connection cable in an empty USB slot on your laptop or desktop.

Put your CD that contains the drivers for installation in your optical drive. This enables your computer to load the drivers it needs and launches an installation wizard to guide you through the process. Adhere to the instructions that the wizard gives you and then exit the wizard so you can start to utilise your new hardware.

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