How to Remove Paint From Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

The paint on your ceramic bathroom tiles is most likely a latex-based paint, which is commonly used on interior walls. Latex paint is not difficult to remove although old paint may stubbornly resist your initial efforts. If you are dealing with a few paint splatters, you can scrape them away rather easily. If the entire tiled surface has been painted, you need to apply some chemicals to speed up the job.

Wipe up wet paint spills quickly with a damp rag. Latex paint should come off ceramic tiles easily with soap and water if it is fresh.

Scrape small, dried paint spills off of the ceramic tile with a plastic putty knife. A metal putty knife or razor blade can be used but you run the risk or scratching the surface of the tile, so be careful.

Measure 1 cup of trisodium phosphate into a large bucket. Trisodium phosphate is found at home-improvement stores and can cause eye and skin irritation, so wear rubber or leather gloves and avoid inhaling the powder during use. Leave the bathroom door propped open and consider bringing in a fan if your bathroom does not have a window to keep the air flowing through the room while you work.

Measure 2 cups of calcium carbonate powder into the bucket. Calcium carbonate powder is found in pharmacies or health food stores with vitamins and food supplements.

Mix water into the bucket using a large spoon until the mixture is the consistency of a thick pudding.

Apply a thick layer of the mixture to the ceramic tiles with a putty knife. Cover all of the painted areas of the tile completely and let the mixture rest for approximately 30 minutes to loosen and dissolve the paint.

Scrape the paste off of the tile with a large plastic putty knife. Rinse the area with clean water to remove all traces of the paste and dry the bathroom tile with a towel.

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