How to make Wizard of Oz Munchkin fancy dress

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The Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz were a diverse and whimsical group of individuals. Their small size and colourful costumes make them excellent candidates for the dress-up time enjoyment of children. If your little one wants to be a munchkin, make Wizard of Oz Munchkin costumes of your own.

Cut off the sleeves of a plaid shirt in a large, jagged line. Cut the hemline of the shirt so it comes down just to your child's waist. Use the same exaggerated jagged line to cut the hem as you did with the sleeves.

Cut a pair of colourful trousers in your child's size, just below the knee cap. Use the same jagged hem that you used to cut the plaid shirt.

Cut a piece of felt fabric in a strip that is approximately 4 inches wide and long enough to wrap around your child's ankles with a small overlap. Cut a jagged edge along one long side, and sew a snap to the top corners. Repeat this with a second piece of felt. Also cut felt to cover the collar of your child's shirt, and sew it over the collar itself.

Put your child in the shirt and trousers you have made. Add suspenders and striped tights, and put on boots with the felt anklets over the top of them. Give your child a large lollipop to hold, and tell him to squint and pinch his mouth at an angle.