How Do You Remove Yellow Sun Lotion Stains From Clothes?

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Suntan lotion, if applied appropriately, helps you get a tan without getting a sunburn. When suntan lotion gets on your clothes, it can produce a yellow stain. Sun lotion creates an oil-based stain that discolours clothing and attracts dirt. Use supplies from home or the grocery store to remove sun lotion stains from clothing and return them to their prestained state.

Mix heavy duty powdered washing powder and water in a bowl to create a thin paste.

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Apply the paste to the yellow suntan lotion stain on your clothing using an old toothbrush.

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Scrub the paste into the yellow stain, working it into the fibres. Allow the paste to sit on the stain for five minutes.

Rinse the detergent paste from the stained area and look to see if any sun lotion stain remains on the clothing. Repeat step 3 for any remaining stain.

Wash your clothing using the hottest water possible, according to the care label on the fabric. Use a heavy duty washing powder to combat any last traces of stain.

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