How to make felted wool flowers

Needle felting is the process of using small, sharp needles, referred to as felting needles, to tangle fibres until they form a dense fabric known as felt. This process can be done on an industrial felting machine or by hand, using felting needles.

Handmade felt projects, such as wool felted flowers are often used to embellish hats, purses, shoes and sweaters. Different flower shapes, such as roses, lilies and daisies, are often made from wool rovings or batts, which are sheets of carded fibres.

Separate a 12- to 14- inches long piece of machine or hand carded wool roving. Carding is the process of aligning and combing the wool fibres for felting. Split the piece lengthwise in half. You will have two sections.

Roll the two sections together into a flat, rounded disc shape. You will have one disc.

Place the disc on your needle felting foam block. Take your felting needle and tack down any loose wool ends on your disc-shape.

Punch the centre of the disc with your felting needle. This will be your daisy flower's centre. You will have to punch the centre several times until you reach the desired flower centre width. As you continue punching, an indentation will begin to form.

Form the first petal by needling a line from the flower's centre toward the edge of the disc. Needling is a term meaning to lightly jab into the roving with your felting needle using a small wrist and forearm movement. The roving must be placed on a needle felting foam block to avoid jabbing the needle into your fingers. Do not add excessive pressure when jabbing into the disc to avoid the felt piercing into your foam block.

Continue needling over the line until a visible crease begins to form. Needle over the edge of your disc and continue onto the opposite side to form a line. This will define your petal's shape.

Repeat the process by adding four more lines. Make sure the lines are evenly spaced to form five petals.

Separate a small piece of contrasting wool roving. Roll it into a small disc. Position it in your flower's centre and needle it into place with your felting needle.