How to Dispense Talstar Professional Insecticide

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Talstar is a powerful insecticide used to control indoor and outdoor pests. It is commonly used to treat residential, public and commercial buildings. It contains the active ingredient bifenthrin, which paralyses the insect's central nervous system once ingested.

Talstar professional insecticide is considered safe to use in your home or on your lawn. It provides long-term residual control of more than 75 insects and is even safe to use on ornamental plants and shrubs.

Dilute 1 fluid ounce of Talstar professional insecticide in a gallon of water. Pour the diluted solution into a garden sprayer.

Spray your lawn at a rate of 1 gallon of the solution per 1,000 square feet. Also apply the spray around porches, patios, garages or other common areas. Apply once every six months to maintain control.

Apply Talstar inside your home to eliminate insects. Spray behind appliances, baseboards, cabinets and around doors and windows to kill and repel insects.

Inspect your home and lawn once a week for insects. Treat any activity you see immediately with Talstar to prevent infestation.