How to write a receipt when selling a car

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When you sell a car, it's important to write a clear, thorough receipt as proof of purchase for the buyer. Keeping thorough, easy-to-read records also benefits you as the seller because it allows you to show that you did give up your car for a specific amount of money on a specific date. If there are any problems or legal concerns regarding the car in the future, you can produce your receipt as evidence that it no longer belongs to you.

Use a clean, blank sheet of paper and a pen. Using a pen will keep anyone from amending or changing what you've written on the receipt.

Write your name and address on the top right side of the paper. Skip a space and write the new owner's name and address below that on the left side.

Describe the car you're selling by the year, make, model, body style and colour.

Write the exact number of miles on the car's odometer at the time you're selling it.

Record the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the car. You can find the VIN on the dashboard, on the inside of the driver's side door, in the glove box, or on your registration and insurance paperwork.

Write a declaration stating that the purchaser is buying the car "as is" or "sold as seen."

Record the selling price of the car.

Write down the date and time that the buyer is purchasing the car. It's important to include the time in case the buyer receives a speeding ticket or is in an accident on the way home.

Have the purchaser sign the receipt, then sign the receipt yourself. Make a copy for yourself and the purchaser so you can keep a copy for your records.

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