How to make a 5 person beer funnel

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Beer funnels, also known as beer bongs, have become popular on the college and party scene over the years. There are single-person models as well as multiple-person versions to choose from. There are plenty of premade ones on the market that are ready to be purchased, or you can follow a few steps to make your own customised model to utilise at your next social gathering.

Cut the plastic tubing into five sections that are each 2 to 3 feet long with heavy duty scissors or a sharp box cutter. Cut another piece that is 1 foot long. A home-improvement store worker may be able to help you with the cutting part of the process. The diameter of the tubing will depend on your preference; 1 inch is a popular choice. The size of the tubing will determine the size of the valves and adaptors. If you choose a 1-inch tube, then the other pieces will be the same size, as the tubing will stretch snugly over the other pieces.

Attach the 1-foot section of tubing to the bottom part of a "Y" connector. Connect an adaptor and the bottom part of a "Y" connector to each of the top parts of the first "Y" connector. At this point you would have enough outlets for a four-person beer funnel, but you need one more outlet.

Connect another adaptor and bottom part of a "Y" connector to one of the top sections of one of the "Y" connectors that you just attached. Now you should have five outlets for tubing. The "Y" connectors are preferable over regular connectors with 90 degree angles, as these will make the beer foam as the liquid goes through them.

Connect one of the 2-to-3-foot tubing sections to each of the five outlets that you have just constructed. Make sure they are snug to prevent spilling.

Attach the free end of each of the five longer tubes to its own adaptor. Each adaptor then connects snugly into the PVC ball valves. The valve will help to reduce spilling, and you won't have to plug the end with your thumb when the beer is loaded but you are not using it.

Attach the free end of the 1-foot section to the funnel.

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