How to Clean Paint Off Vinyl

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Painting is often a messy task. No matter how much you tape off trim and place plastic tarps down, it is inevitable that a few paint splatters end up in places they should not. Removing paint from surfaces such as vinyl is not difficult since the surface is not porous and doesn't have small crevices. The technique used to remove paint from the vinyl varies based on the type of paint.

Take the vinyl object outside, or lay it on a thick layer of newspaper.

Spray the paint stains with oven cleaner until no paint is visible.

Allow the oven cleaner to sit for one hour. Rinse the oven cleaner off in warm water.

Pour 1 tsp of dish soap onto a scrubber sponge, and wash the surface of the vinyl with warm water. The scrubber sponge helps to remove any residual amounts of paint on the vinyl.

Pour 1 to 2 tsp of rubbing alcohol onto a cloth.

Place the cloth on top of the paint-stained vinyl, and rub using firm pressure to remove the paint. Reapply additional alcohol to the cloth as needed, as it will not harm the vinyl surface.

Rinse the rag in clean water, and wipe the vinyl surface to remove all traces of the alcohol.

Pour an entire bottle of pine-scented floor cleaning solution into a bucket or tub.

Place the vinyl object into the bucket, and submerge it into the liquid. If the object floats, weigh it down with a heavy object so that is stays under the cleaning solution.

Allow the vinyl to sit overnight, and remove it from the bucket. Scrub the paint-stained vinyl with a scrubber brush to remove the paint.

Rinse the object in clean water and dry with a towel.

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