How to make a family crest for a school project

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In ancient times, family crests were used as a representation of a family group. These crests, which often appeared on shields, held colours and pictures intended to convey information about the family in question, including their class and trade. While exploring this concept, teachers commonly ask students to create a crest for their family that, like the crests of old, broadcasts information about who their family is and what value the family group holds.

Create an outline of the shape of your choice on your poster board. Some crests were simple ovals, while others were ornate and elaborate shapes, including scrolls and other finery. Outline your selected shape on your poster board, first in pencil, then in marker or crayon.

Divide the shape into four sections, using a ruler. As with the outline, complete this process first in pencil then, once you are satisfied with your line placement, go over your lines in marker or crayon.

Explore and consider the meaning of different common crest symbols before you start designing your crest. Each line and shape on a crest has a meaning. Read a book about these meanings, or visit a website that contains information about the topic.

Select a colour scheme for your crest. While you will likely incorporate a number of colours into your design, you should still select one dominant colour to fill the majority of your crest. Decide upon a colour by consulting information about crest meanings, or select a colour that holds significance to your family.

Fill each quadrant of your image with a different symbol to represent your family. You can exercise your artistic skill and draw these symbols, or you can use pictures from magazines or the Internet to complete this process.

Laminate your crest to create a neat and finished look. Use clear laminating paper, visit a copy centre or ask your teacher to laminate the finished product for you. By laminating your work, you create a crisp, clean final product that will withstand the test of time.

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