How to make a DVD box set

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Creating your own DVD box set can be a benefit for many reasons. An official box set may take up too much room on your shelf, and you'd like to pare it down to save space. You might want to design your own packaging. You might even have your own personal DVDs of home movies or other material and want to create a box set that you can share with family or friends. With a little bit of preparation and the right materials, creating your own DVD box set is easy.

Design the type of box set you want to make, including single cases with multiple disc caddies or a group of cases (either regular-sized or slimline) that will hold one disc each.

Purchase the cases from either a local store or online. You can find great DVD cases at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Office Max or similar stores. Online, such websites as Rima, Supermedia Store, and even eBay offer the cases that you can purchase.

Inspect your purchased cases to make sure the liner sleeve is intact and that the plastic spindle holders are not broken. This will insure that you have the most professional-looking product possible, and, in the case of the plastic spindles, will make sure that your discs do not come loose inside.

Load the photo paper into your printer.

Launch your favourite publishing software and select the template that matches the type of case you purchased for your box set design. Popular software to design your inserts includes Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, Broderbund's Print Shop, or the free PagePlus SE.

Use the publishing software to design the inserts, both front and back, that will slide into the insert liner on your DVD cases.

Print your newly designed inserts. Make sure to select the "Photo Paper" option under "Paper Type" in the print options dialogue box.

Set your newly printed inserts aside and let them dry for 10 to 20 minutes before inserting them into the DVD cases that you purchased.

Set each DVD case for your box set together and mould a few sheets of the heavy card stock around it, Make a note of how many sheets it will take to enclose the DVD cases. Use a pen or pencil to mark where the sheets overlap.

Insert the heavy card stock into your printer.

Use your publishing software to design the artwork for the outside of the box.

Print out your design on the card stock and let it dry for 10 to 20 minutes.

Use the markings on the card stock you used in step one to help you connect your printed design to the sheets needed to replicate the shape that will encompass your DVD cases. Use tape or glue to shape the printed card stock into the shape that you need. Let dry and then set your DVD cases inside.

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