How to Season a Cast-Iron Stove

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Cast-iron stoves bring an old-fashioned charm with the practicality of heating a space by burning wood. Breaking in or seasoning the interior of a cast-iron stove requires burning a succession of small fires to prepare the cast iron for the heat of a larger fire when you finally put the stove into use. Always check with the manufacturer for any specific seasoning measures for your cast-iron stove model.

Construct a small fire inside your stove, using only 1/4 the recommended amount of wood for a full-sized fire.

Insert lightly balled-up newspaper and small slivers of kindling between the larger pieces of firewood.

Light a match and touch it to the newspaper and kindling until the fire catches on these smaller pieces of fuel. Wait for the larger firewood to catch fire and burn completely down. Let the stove cool completely.

Empty the ashes from the stove and build another fire, slightly larger than the last.

Build and burn four more small fires in the cast-iron stove to season the interior. Allow the stove to cool completely before making another fire. Use enough wood in the last seasoning fire for a full-sized flame in the stove.

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