How to take out creases in pant hems

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Once pant leg hems are let out to give trousers more length, there is often an unwelcome trait left behind. The remnant of where the hem once was stays behind in crease form. The crease sometimes lasts past cleanings and other removal methods because it was sewn into the pant leg and pressed for so long. Following a few quick steps will have the crease gone and your trousers looking perfect again.

Hold a warm iron flat over the crease. This is a basic solution that can work if you haven't tried anything else yet. Using starch spray with the warm iron can help keep the results in effect longer.

Rub a bar of soap along the crease line, and then continue ironing. Use long, even movements with the warm iron to evenly distribute the heat. Wash the trousers again to see if the crease came out.

Mix one part vinegar to one part water and pour the mixture over the trousers hem. Continue ironing with the warm iron in long, even strokes. Wash the trousers again to see if the crease comes out.

Mix two parts hair conditioner to one part water. Test the mixture on a piece of the fabic that isn't noticeable to make sure there is no reaction. Rub the mixture on the crease and iron the fabric again.

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