How to Make Paper Briquettes

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Burnable paper briquettes are easy to make with a paper briquette press and a wide variety of old paper including newspaper, magazines, junk mail, copy paper, cardboard and wrapping paper. Making recycled paper briquettes requires breaking the paper down using water in order to form the bricks. The formed and dried paper briquettes will burn for up to two hours and do not require toxic chemicals to light, according to paper briquette manufacturer, Eko-Mania.

Put on work gloves and a waterproof apron, then fill a 5-gallon bucket about half way up with water and add 1 tbsp of liquid bleach.

Shred or tear the paper and submerge it in the water and bleach solution, so that the water completely covers the paper.

Agitate the water for an hour with a toilet plunger, or allow the paper to soak in the bucket for several days. It is ready when you see signs that it is breaking down into a pulp.

Pull apart the arms of the paper briquette press and fill the rectangular paper reservoir with the broken down paper fibre.

Press down on the handles to squeeze out the water and form a paper briquette, then remove the briquette from the press. Continue to press and form paper briquettes until you use all of your soaked paper.

Place the briquettes in a warm, dry location to dry out completely.

Check the briquettes after about one week to see if they are completely dry. Once you determine that they are done, store them for use in a cool, dry place away from moisture.

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