How to Clean Perma Soft Golf Gloves

Clean Perma Soft Golf Gloves

Perma Soft golf gloves are made mostly from cabretta leather, which means that they shouldn't be exposed to much moisture. This presents certain challenges when wearing and using them out on the links, but it's even more important to minimize the moisture when cleaning them. If you use only a small amount of water and dry your gloves quickly, though, you can take care of stains and smudges without hurting the gloves.

Soak two soft cloths and wring out the excess water. Dry your hands.

Put on the glove you wish to clean. Gloves should be cleaned only one at a time.

Hold one damp cloth in your bare hand while using your gloved hand to squeeze a small amount of moisturizing liquid soap onto the cloth. Use the fingers of your bare hand to spread the soap around and work it into a lather.

Put the index finger of your bare hand behind a damp, soapy section of the cloth and pull it tight around your finger. Use your finger to scrub and spot clean each section of the glove that needs it, adjusting the cloth as needed to make sure you're using enough soap.

Pick up the other damp cloth and gently wipe away and soap suds from the glove.

Thoroughly dry the glove with a dry, clean, soft cloth.

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